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Enter to Republic of Korea

Due to the official implementation of the Korean Electronic Travel Authorization (K-ETA) program starting from 1st September 2021, travelers from 112 specific countries/regions, who previously enjoyed visa-free access, are now required to secure prior K-ETA approval in order to board flights or ships bound for the Republic of Korea. The K-ETA authorization holds a general validity that spans multiple visits within a two-year timeframe or until the expiry date of the traveler's passport, depending on whichever comes first. It's essential to recognize that the information provided below remains subject to modifications based on the evolving policies set forth by the Korean government.

‣ What constitutes K-ETA?

K-ETA, which stands for Korea Electronic Travel Authorization, is an internet-based electronic travel authorization that must be acquired by visa-exempt international travelers prior to their entry into the Republic of Korea for activities such as tourism, familial visits, attendance at events or conferences, or business endeavors (excluding profit-oriented engagements).

‣ Is acquiring a K-ETA mandatory for visits to Korea?

Absolutely, yes. Individuals hailing from countries requiring K-ETA authorization must secure the necessary K-ETA. Without valid K-ETA approval, they will be barred from boarding any flight or ship headed for the Republic of Korea.

‣ Who is required to make a K-ETA application?

Absolutely, yes. Individuals hailing from countries requiring K-ETA authorization must secure the necessary

K-ETA is designated for citizens of 66 visa exemption countries as well as individuals from 46 specifically designated visa-free nations. Foreign nationals who are planning to enter the Republic of Korea for tourism, family visits, participation in events or meetings, and business activities other than profit-oriented endeavors must obtain K-ETA authorization.
For a comprehensive list of countries eligible for K-ETA application, kindly utilize the provided button below.

Official Invitation Request

Request for Official Invitation Letter

The ICCE-Asia 2023 Secretariat is pleased to offer official invitation letters upon your request. These letters are designed to assist potential participants in securing funds or acquiring visas for their attendance. It's important to note that such an invitation does not constitute a commitment on the part of the organizers to provide financial assistance. ICCE-Asia 2023 is able to provide a Visa Letter of Invitation specifically for the conference. Please be informed that no other forms of documentation will be issued for visa application purposes.

※ Prior to requesting an invitation letter, please ensure your registration for the conference is completed. Once the registration is finalized, kindly provide your name, affiliation, email address, paper number, and other relevant details in an email to for the invitation letter.

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